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My purpose is to build a world filled with inclusion so everyone can shine. Through leadership and career coaching, I offer the potential to gain clarity in goals and life-long objectives, dismantle invisible barriers that hold you back, and find ease in being your authentic self. My ideal client is a diverse individual with ambitious aspirations and a desire to advance both professionally and personally. I use a compassionate and focused coaching process that combines decades of broad international work experience with rigorous training in ontological coaching.  Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session to learn more.

Black female and Asian they/them working on DEI

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
(DEI) Consulting


Older White male executive with Asian female and Black male

Executive Coaching for the driven leader seeking to unleash compassion 


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Leadership/Career Coaching for
diverse ambitious talent


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DEI Coaching to unmask bias
and build belonging


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

If your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) program is new or stalled, Inside Edge can provide an assessment and a roadmap for improvement, and provide support for DEI leaders within corporations who feel unempowered. I bring my DEI training, my corporate experience as the head of Diversity & Inclusion for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, and my program design capabilities to build your DEI strategic plan to generate maximum impact. Features could include:

  • Global D&I Steering Committee
  • DEI Mission/Vision Statement architecture
  • Regional leadership groups
  • Mission-driven Employee Resource Groups
  • Intranet/Extranet branding and web page creation
  • Corporate activities, social events, and developmental activities to build a community of belonging
  • Establishment of a standalone D&I Department reporting directly to the CEO
  • Close interaction and collaboration with HR/Training
  • Scorecard development
  • Demographic analysis
  • Strategic initiatives in recruiting, retention, KPIs, corporate philanthropy, mentoring, and inclusive leadership development.

I leverage best practices in this work as identified by leading DEI organizations and industry groups.

Executive Coaching

I help talented, high functioning, hard-driving leaders see why compassion is important so they can bring humanity to their leadership style without compromising expectations. In today’s world of generational and demographic changes, leveraging compassion in your leadership style will be a key strength for you and your company because it fosters authentic participation, clarity in decision-making, and effective risk identification. People won’t tell you what they really think if they fear you, and what you need more than anything given the pressure you are under is solid input from your team so you can make the right decisions for your company. You can have an open heart as a leader without being seen as weak.

If you are an entrepreneur or an executive, and notice your employees don’t respond to you the way you think they should, and seem distressed in your presence, it could be time to find your compassion and let it show. You want creativity, trust, and efficiency from your teams but these qualities are not easy to generate when the environment is judgmental and (here’s the word you’ve likely heard before) abrasive. Your response is to call foul when you hear that word because you think people should just toughen up and work smarter. After all, you push yourself so hard to achieve goals so why can’t people stop feeling harmed and focus on results instead? Once you awaken your own compassion, you will see, over and again, the benefits of leading with your heart.

Leadership/Career Coaching

For diverse emerging leaders in startups, corporations and non-profit organizations, I offer Leadership and Career Coaching. I support people to pursue their goals tenaciously without compromising their own values and their humanity. For those who are not in a majority demographic group in the workplace, the sheer presence of what may feel like an impenetrable circle can be daunting. You may have questions such as: What should you own personally and what is part of the system? Do they mean to hurt your feelings or are they just clueless? Maybe you feel underutilized when you know you’re ready for a bigger role. Or perhaps you believe your hard work is unappreciated especially given all the value you add. Systemic obstacles get in your way, but how can you overcome them? You’ve considered being more active in managing your career growth, but you don’t know how to do it. Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and make changes? If it seems like there are invisible barriers in place that hold you back, I can help you know what you want, how you want to be, and envision opportunities that excite you. Once you find your own voice of wisdom, it’s easier to see the path forward, letting worries and doubts fall to the wayside so you can focus and let the quality of your work shine.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Coaching

In DEI Coaching, I help people unmask their assumptions around diversity so they can see their biases and become truly inclusive. This type of coaching is tailored to individuals who wish to increase awareness and understanding of what DEI is all about so they can fully embrace it. Always with the business case for DEI in mind, I will take you to a safe space where we will thoughtfully explore your experience with DEI without judgment or preconception. In a supportive environment, I will help you see all types of bias, including unconscious bias, habits that can make others feel excluded, and focus not on what is done wrong but what can be done right. My goal is to show you how to be an authentic and committed ally so you can effectively lead your workforce in a way that can leverage an inclusive culture to improve recruiting, increase retention, expand innovation, and enhance your company’s potential.

Book a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Session to hear more about what Inside Edge can do for you and your organization. Let me help you find your way to shine.

Our Values





Is something holding you back from being your very best? Let me support you to shift your focus to where you really want to go.

Uncovering what’s in the way of you achieving your goals is a key to making progress. By leveraging my broad international experience in the corporate, startup, and non-profit sectors with the ontological coaching process, I’ll help you see how you can move forward and shine.


Some people stay in one industry or one job function for all of most of their careers, but I have benefitted from geographic, functional, and industry diversity. I’ve been a Vice President for BancBoston Capital, a private equity firm, a Director for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, a Managing Director for a Japanese startup in clean energy, and have founded three companies including an award-winning commercial cleaning company. I’ve lived or worked in Argentina, Mexico, England, The Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, and Russia, and also in major US metropolitan areas including New York City, Washington DC, and Houston. My current concentration in coaching and Diversity Equity & Inclusion has shown me the best part of all: the beauty of our infinite potential. All these experiences help me see various aspects of our humanity.

My guiding beacon in this process is my belief in the power of inclusion. We are better when each of us is heard, respected, and empowered. I live the values of openness, inclusion, collaboration, and impact as an ally, an advocate, and, most importantly, as your Coach.

Professionally trained as a coach by the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) and a member of the International Coaching Federation, with certification as a DEI practitioner from eCornell. I strive to empower others. I am a graduate of the Harvard Business School (full-time MBA), a Yale University (BA Economics). I am married with two children, a native of Philadelphia, and a life-long lover of figure skating.


“My passion is to make a difference for other people by building a world filled with belonging and compassion so everyone’s voice can be heard.”

Beverly Jurenko, Founder


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